The new N-Gage

We had a chance to talk with Keith about N-Gage and what’s to come in the future.

The new N-Gage service is finally out but the beta version is only available for N81 users for now.

The program is called FirstAccess whereby N81 users will have full access to the services and also be able to purchase full games.

The new N-Gage service allows users to try new games for free and if they like it, they can choose to buy the game thru 3 alternatives.

The games roughly cost about SGD$15 for full version, SGD$10 for monthly and SGD$5 for daily passes.

The prices are not fixed though, as some popular games might cost more for full version downloads.

Users signed up for N-Gage will be able to challenge friends from the arena and add new friends to play games together. Players will be ranked by scores and these scores will be visible to everyone in the N-Gage Arena.

One thing though, the current version of N-Gage is just beta, so whoever downloaded and using it now, scores and ranks will be deleted when the final version of N-Gage is out, so don’t get too high on getting high scores to beat your friends yet. haha…. but fret not, the games you have downloaded will still remain yours. Just reinstall them and insert the code you got when you bought the games and you are all set.

for more info, click to N-gage website.