Nimbuzz, Free IM, texts, voice, file sharing on S60 devices


LOL yes i found out about this thing that we all S60 users might like a lot.

It’s an app for S60 phones which allows the users to connect to their friends via most of the common social messengers like MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Gtalk, Skype and even Facebook!

It also allows us to make calls to our friends on their messengers… which means… you will be talking on your phone (like how u normally would, holding the phone to your ears) and your friends will be talking to their microphone in front of their computer! How cool is that.

some screenshots i took off my phone.

Nimbuzz also lets us send text messages, mutlimedia messages and emails over the data network! (its good if you have unlimited data plan)

So wait no more and go check out NIIIMMMBBBUUZZZZZ