Nokia E71 Review Pt.1: Exterior

I got the chance to play with the recently announced Nokia E71 and this the first part of my simple review on the phone.

The one I played with was the white version and the moment I held it, it gave me a feeling of total solidness… the whole thing was made out of metal and the front plate was plastic. I’m not a fan of shiny metal so no comment there lol.

The screen is actually the same size as the usual ones on Nseries but they placed it horizontally so users can read more text in 1 line when displaying emails and web.

The back of the phone is made out of textured metal and the camera is placed at the top. The texture allows us to grip it without slipping… which is good.

The keypad gives a good tactile feel and I personally love the 4 shortcut keys to contacts, calendar, messages and menu.

Check back tomorrow for PART 2: Interface and features.