Nokia "Secret" Download

Sometime ago, a website appeared in the Interwebs and made many tech/symbian/mobile bloggers curious…. curious about what Nokia was up to.

The story behind the website was long long ago a bunch of royal families got together to create a clip. This clip was supposed to be the weirdest thing ever created, and it actually ended up too weird to show anyone, so it was locked up and hidden.

It was at OpenAtYourOwnRisk but soon after that, the website was closed down.

Now it’s back but in a different form.

Check your Downloads! section in your Nseries and you might see a new icon there called “Secret”

In there you can download the “secret” appplication, ringtone and wallpaper.

The app seems to be a lock, to a video that is not meant to be watched.

Download it, solve it and let me know if you can ok? Cos I still cant unlock it.