N96 came too late.

I have been thinking for 2 days… even talked to a few friends about the latest Nokia offerings.

Most of the people I asked seems to like the N85 more than the supposedly Nokia’s flagship model this year, the N96. As far as I understand, N8X series is supposed to be a level lower than the N9X series as they are less featureful, or sometimes not as attractive.

This time around, Nokia gave me an impression that N85 is more superior against the N96. The AMOLED screen is one of the things I m looking forward to when it comes to N85 and not forgetting the navi-wheel(which is not available in N96… quite a dissapointment)… oh and the menu and screen rotation animations!

N85 is also the first Nseries that comes with a microUSB charging.. means you can charge your N85 via USB now. (and that, again, is not available for the N96)

Speaking of battery life, the N96.. which has a bigger screen(LCD) which consumes more power + DVBH technology, should be equipped with a more powerful battery but no. Nokia gave the higher capacity battery (1200mAh) to N85, which does not consumes as much power thanks to the AMOLED screen.

Yes, the N85 might only have 74mb internal memory, compared to 16gb in the N96 but one can always compensate that by plugging in higher storage memory cards.. so no deal with that.

If only the N96 came out earlier this year, say.. April… that would be perfect.

Anyhow, I think I will be getting the N96… since I have been waiting for that since I played with it in Sydney in February.

Do you think N96 came too late?

Next post! Nokia N96 coverage photos + Videos!

  • Mark

    I totally agree, the N85 looks really nice. The screen is smaller, the same as the original N95, while not sounding like much its a significant difference, although the AMOLED technology is really encouraging, I would expect the colours to look richer and the drain on the battery to be a lot less.

    Feature wise I can’t see any disadvantages over the N96 and its also slimmer which is a huge bonus, looking really good just the problem that Australia won’t see it until next year, by when it will be old!

  • I will go for both N96 and N85!
    Sigh~ Dilemma!

  • smashpop

    Mark: but why does it take so long to arrive in Aus?

    will: ahah buy both

  • newtype2011

    I personally think the N96 looks far more pleasing in terms of aesthetics, however, the N85 is just too good of a phone to pass over. The lower price combined with the well known advantages that you listed, give the N85 the edge over the N96 in my book.

    If the N96 would have been released at the same time as the N78, many people wouldn’t be scratching their heads over the positioning of the N85.

  • smashpop

    yes agree. N96 should be released earlier.. n n85 release now.. so users would not get confused as to which one to get…

  • ron

    n82,n95-8gb and n96 all have 128mb SDRam…and they have dual cpu…
    N85 doesnt….and only single freescale cpu
    If u multitasking a lot..say surfing the web while listening to radio or mp3s, dual cpu really helps here…
    128mb Ram is kinda neccessary to me, otherwise u will frequently get the out of memory msg…

  • endlessz

    yes i agree that it came out wayyyy to late…however it’s still better than N85 overall, and i’m still getting this rather than n85