Nokia N79: Navi-wheel

The photo above is to show you the difference of the back cover + camera for the 4 models, N78, N79, N85 and N96.

Watch the video below.. it’s a demo to show you how good the navi-wheel on the N79 is… oh and the animation of the interface transitions.

I think the navi-wheel on the N79 works better than the 85… probably the firmware on the 79 is more stable? I am not too sure. The one thing I notice is that the navi-pad is totally different… there must be a reason why Nokia made it that way.

The transition, as you can see, is very smooth and fast. For those whom have loved the N78 or N82 should upgrade to this.

  • idoblu

    any idea when we will see N79 in our market? and any idea price? thanks

    • saradhy

      @idoblu, th nokia n79 is coming to market at q4 this year that means like in christmas the price is approx.. 350 euros before tax

  • Helen

    about prise: 500 euros in Moscow (minimum)…imoo

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  • petr

    My navi-wheel at n79 is working really slow…in fact you have to push the button to enter in a folder…and in the video it was just touching…please e-mail me…i really need help

  • fran

    is the navi wheel operated by touch only? or does it also work like a normal button????? let me know please guys thanks 🙂