N96 is out

The Nokia N96 is finally out in the market here in Malaysia.

Was reading the papers and saw the ad. RRP is RM3338.

Anyone buying? 😀

  • yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy!! finally after waiting for a long time, but pop i just got my new phone la..u sponsor la..

  • endlessz

    hey how much would that be?
    what currency is RM?

  • RM is Ringgit Malaysia. It’s the currency used in Malaysia. At the moment, 1 Ringgit Malaysia is approximately 0.286 US$.

    I hope this helps =)

  • smashpop

    ahmike: ahhh too bad. lol i also need sponsor.

    endlessz: there u go.. reply form boon kheng ahah

    boon kheng: thanks

  • VOY

    i think the price is too much.. better go for n82 😀

  • smashpop

    ahah im using n82

  • endlessz

    i like n96 a lot! but..the price is so expensive, well since it just came out :S
    but then again i doubt it the price will drop fast any minutes…
    i only hope the price would go down to a more “reasonable price” after next year’s chinese new year ^^

    btw, i own a n95 8gb, do u think it’s worth it to go for n96? i know the changes arent that huge, but i just like how it looks and what its got in it..

  • endlessz

    give me ur opinion plz =D

  • smashpop

    i’d say do it. if u like a phone, buy it… i’d change to n96 anytime if i were you 😀

  • endlessz

    u think so? good suggestion there..thanks man =D
    btw do u have MSN or YM? can i add ya?