N96, N79, Video, XpressOn, and fortune telling

I think this is the best Nseries photo I have ever taken. hhahah

Anyways, seems like we are very much informed about the new Nseries models inside out by now. Which one suits you best? This is my thought on which models suits who.

Nokia N96: For people who loves everything big. Big screen, big memory and big size. Haha… well i think it attracts the male users more. I wont say it’s for video lovers cos apparently all Nseries are capable of playing videos. I’d suggest you get the N96 if you are a guy, loves everything big and fancies edgy designs.

Nokia N85: For those who loves design, likes everything that looks artsy and at the same time loves the latest smartphone features, The N85 is more appealing to females cos of the smaller size and the curvy edges. Buy it if you are:
– a male who loves sleek and slim smartphones…
– a female who loves sleek and slim smartphones… haha

Nokia N79: I think it’s made for people who loves quick meals, quick dates and everything else which is fast. A youngster would actually buy it cos of the Xpress-on covers. Hm… well, it’s basically made for everyone. It’s a general phone that has the same great features as the 2 mentioned above. Buy it if you don’t want to spend too much on smartphones… or you love simplicity and flexibility.

Somehow I sound like a fortune teller…

Oh well.. let’s view a video of N96 playing video. lol.

The N96 plays video very well. Now that Nokia introduced the kickstand… I felt weird viewing video on the other Nseries models because I cannot watch the videos on the table.. I had to hold it.. cos no kickstand! hahah I think it really makes a big difference.

This is a video showing how the XpressOn covers affect the theme change on the N79.

  • endlessz

    wow, i agree with your opinions there on which phone suits which people and their needs!
    i’d absolutely go for N96, coz i’m currently using n95 8gb, and i like everything big, haha..
    kickstand does looks cool as well, not just great when watching video, but makes the phone looks more appealing, haha..

    by the way, did the theme of N79 changes to red itself after u change the red backcover or what..i didn’t see it clearly..

  • endlessz

    oh one more question bro..
    u see the pic u took, how come the n96 music player buttons doesnt look bright at all, i noe it turns on the light as u slide it, but i’ve seen pics of n96 from just any other sites and they somehow look brighter..
    i did go to the nearest nokia center that has the prototype of n96, and the music player buttons look exactly like the one in ur picture..
    is this because it’s a prototype? i surely hope it’d be as bright as the one on n95 8gb in the future =)

  • smashpop

    wow such a long comment! lol

    yes the back cover triggers the theme to change. if you read the sentence b4 my n79 video i wrote
    “This is a video showing how the XpressOn covers affect the theme change on the N79.”

    the backlights of the buttons? well sometimes i see it brighter… at times its like the one u see in the foto… probably its controlled by the light sensor? if surrounding is bright then the light is dimmer? im not sure… but will find out

  • endlessz

    haha..sorry for the long comment! =D
    oh is that so? hopefully it’s because it depends on the lights surround it..
    coz i dont like how its so not as bright..

    btw dude, are those all urs? how come the n79 and n85’s out? where did u get them from?

  • ys

    N78 neglected? =(

  • endlessz

    ahh still no reply..
    n78 neglected? well yes..its not a really hardcore mobile i reckon..lol

  • smashpop

    well i was focusing on the 3 new nseries

  • ash

    may i ask if u know the price for N79, kinda interested in the specs.. esp it got the ngage platform for games and of course the color cover ..

  • Seaedge

    Hah! good description for each phone.

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