Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Playing Video

This is my 4th post on the 5800.

Here are some photos of the device playing a video.

Looks damn good when watching videos on the wide screen eh?

Trust me… I witnessed it and the moment the video was played…. I nearly fainted… cos it was DAMN NICEEEE… not forgetting the super loud stereo speakers.

Now why is the 5800 so conveniently placed on the table? Did you realise it? Haha…

This is because, other than getting the cool casing, this 5800 stand is also provided in the package so that you can enjoy videos on the big screen while holding popcorn on your left hand and soft drinks on the other.

Somehow it reminds me of a photo frame stand. Haha…

OK here’s a video of the 5800 playing video… MUST WATCH!.. oh in the video I will show you where the speakers are… so watch out for that!

Prefer to watch it on Youtube? Click here.

In the video above, you will notice 3 empty buttons on the right side of the screen when the video was played. This is because the software is still under development as the 5800 is still under prototype stage.

Do you want to see more of 5800? Please leave a comment if you do.. or else I’ll go on with some other stuff instead 😀

  • jaych3ong

    is it possible for us to rotate the landscape screen on the other way round, means the speakers on the top instead of bottom?

    • smashpop

      @jaych3ong, i dont think so. no one has tried it tho. lol probably cannot thats why no one reports it

  • hamza

    Can you show us the web browser? Just long into different websites so we can see the loading times, and pan around the pages with your finger.
    You can also show us the different settings there is.
    And please don’t make us wait another two days for it!! lol

    • smashpop

      @hamza, id love to but i didnt take any broswer photos or videos

  • ArunKarthik

    yess more! web browser like hamza said, and themes if any! maybe the packaging, stuff that others haven’t shown yet! also i wanna know, does the haptic feedback make any noticeable noise like a vibrational brrrr or something? or is it just good enough for our realization only?

    anyway please do post MORE MORE and MOOORE of 5800, this baby rocks i can never get enough of it!!

  • clever_name

    can you upload that video(the 5800 ad)via ovi and post it p.s. i cant find any ads about 5800 on the web

    • smashpop

      @clever_name, i don have the file

  • endlessz might look good, well it is good, but there are other better products..
    like for e.g ipod touch/iphone with it’s 3.5″ screen? it’s 0.3″ bigger and that’s noticeable!
    5800 is 3.2″ right? =P

    • ArunKarthik

      @endlessz, but 5800’s screen resolution is bigger than iphone/podtouch
      apple i3g- 320 x 480 pixels
      nokia 5800- 360 x 640 pixels

      which means tube has a much more vivid display, more pixels, more density and clarity!

      • smashpop

        @ArunKarthik, you rawk

        • ArunKarthik

          @smashpop, 😀 and don’t even get me started on the apple’s faults!
          5800 ftw!!

      • endlessz

        @ArunKarthik, i’m sure this product won’t sell as well as n95, just wait and see =P
        the code name itself sounds like a low-mid range class phone? i mean come on..xpress music? wtf, would have been better if it’s Nokia tube, as it was rumored b4!
        360×640 from 320×480 doesn’t seem that there’s a huge gap, if there is, is it noticeable by your eyes i ask? lol, smaller screen, yes i notice that part well =P

        • ArunKarthik

          @endlessz, ooooookay.. for the price of 31000 rupees here, iphone 3g has a 2mp fixedfocus camera, no bluetooth a2dp/file transfers, no replacable battery and no video recording via camera.

          for 17000rupees (~=279euro), the nokia 5800 has a 3.2mp af cam with vga 640x480res video recording,fully functional bluetooth, and everything that the apple piece of $@#@ has.

          If you were in india, would you rather go for a phone that has half baked features for double the price? or make the right choice and go for this phone? honestly, nokia have been established here for over five years and are leaders in mobile industry. There’s very little chance this phone will flop ESPECIALLY in India.

  • i would really like to see the web browser on video. thank you

    • smashpop

      @MaTr3o, me too. but i forgot to take fotos n videos of it. eheheh

  • NO

    Please upload more pictures and videos for example from the web browser

    • smashpop

      @NO, i misssed that. lol

  • Kenshinxxx

    Show the phone’s weak points… I bet there are some… 🙂

    • smashpop

      @Kenshinxxx, wait til the final version first

  • BoyBawang

    Very attractive features for half the price 🙂 How could Nokia afford to sell it so cheap? Is it the build quality being sacrificed?

    • smashpop

      @BoyBawang, thats y.. everyones wondering

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  • endlessz

    dude, it’s kind pointless to have a large resolution but small screen u know..
    if u wanna watch video, why not get N810? 800×480 resolution =P

    it is said the 5800 is a mid-range phone man, it’s not that good, it’s still a prototype to nokia whether S60 touch will sell widely or not, then they will release a better one with less bugs next year, i’d say wait for that one =D

    • ArunKarthik

      @endlessz, the screen is a BIT small its not like n73’s screen compared here. we’re talking about 0.3 inches of difference, which is pretty much negligible. and yeah 5800 is mid range and nokia’s first pie in the oven, so we’ll have to give it time to evolve.

      i’ll still be buying it!! 😛

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  • i wil buy nokia 5800

    please tell me what is the song at this video

  • harscelle

    hey does the 5800 play ipod format videos?