Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Camera

Hi all, this is my 6th post on the XpressMusic device.

This is how it looks like in camera mode. On the right you can see 5 keys. Exit, switch mode, flash, settings and options.

That’s me snapping myself with the 5800. lol…

Upon pressing and holding the camera key, the screen turns into a viewfinder very quickly. I’d say its probably 0.5 secs faster than my N82. Auto focus bracket is the same as other Nseries and the camera shutter sound too.

I didnt try recording videos with it.. but there are 2 modes in video recording… standard (4×3 ratio) and wide (16×9 ratio).. nice to play on the 5800 widescreen.

Here’s a video of the 5800 taking a photo of the N82.

Prefer to watch it on Youtube? Click here.

  • BoyBawang

    Do you think the flash can be used as torch when taking video?

    • smashpop

      @BoyBawang, yes it can. dual flash.. even brighter than usual 😀

  • Kenshinxxx

    Don’t stop please! 😀

    Often need to clear the screen? Finger prints… etc. Isn’t it disturbing?

    • smashpop

      @Kenshinxxxyes its prone to prints n smudge. very much

      • ArunKarthik

        @smashpop, oh crap that isn’t a good thing… i guess an original scratchgard ought to do the job! i had one for my p910i, while it was very expensive, it was totally worth it!

      • Kenshinxxx

        @smashpop, As I thought… :/

        How good its browser? Post a test about it please. ^^

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  • SuperInggo

    Hi smashpop!

    I’m buying this phone because I can’t wait for their high-end touchscreen.
    But i’m no youth and i’m not fund of music. My question is: Can i use this thing as a business device?

    • smashpop

      @SuperInggo, im buying it too! lol well for now, it does not come with word or pdf apps…. it is believed that nokiawill make those apps compatible with the 5800 in the future.

      nothing much you can do with it now actually.. i mean.. business wise

      • BoyBawang

        since s60 5th SDK was already released then all developers must be busy porting by now. By the end of the year, many of the softwares are already available..
        I hope… 🙂

  • tatotk
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  • Anand

    i bye the nokia 5800 , problem is camera , noice photos, if i snap outside daytime its coming good quality with out noice , but inside like home , office its coming too much noice, please rectify this, how it will be settings in without noice photo, thank u