All new Skype for mobile

Skype released their very first java version of the of the famous software for mobilephones sometime ago and recently they have launched a newer version, but it still in Beta stage.

It worked well on my N82 and N96. Eventhough its not a Symbian app, it still works very smoothly as if it was made for the operating system.

With Skype Mobile, you can now chat with your friends in Skype on the go, via 3G, GPRS, Edge or WiFi. You can also direct your Skype calls to your mobile but that will require Skype credits.

Try it and chat away with your buddies while you are not in front of your computer. It’s a nice looking app. Free too. So why not right?

Remember to add me to your buddy list! My ID is “smashpop” 😀

Get Skype.

  • Great post on skype… skype is targeting Symbian mobile now 😀

    • smashpop

      @Gabriel Lai, mobiles phones in general ler.. cos its java. any phone can install

      • @smashpop, ya man.. but it doesn’t works perfectly even though is Java.. maybe my phone is old kot… hohoho

  • Another reason for me to wait for 5800!

    • ArunKarthik

      @Nicholas, lemme tell you, 5800 is backwards compatible with s60v3, i’ve tried the sdk and most of the s60v3 java apps i tried installing actually worked! some sisx apps did not but thats because of some unsigned error. these java apps get a virtual keyboard below them and u can use them just like you would on an n95 or any other s60v3! 😀

      • smashpop

        @ArunKarthik, yup ive seen the video. so no worries about that aspect

    • smashpop

      @Nicholas, haha cant wait hor

  • wowwwwwww……