My N96 Daily Usage

Hello there… I guess it’s fun to list out what I do daily with my N96… as in the main things I do… calls and SMS not included in this list.

So every morning, my alarm wakes me up.

I usually set a few alarm times so that it will make noise at different times to slowly wake me up.

Then off to work I go.

When I’m stucked in the traffic jam, I will check on all my bookmarks using the built in browser. Sometimes I hope I get stucked in the traffic longer so that I can check each and every site that I bookmarked. lol

When I am in the office, I will lift out the kickstand, switch on my video podcasts and place my N96 under my LCD monitor so that I can watch while doing my work. Dual screen? Soft of. 😀

When I’m off work, I sometimes go meet my friends for dinner or movies. Then I’ll open Friend View, update my location and status.

When I reach home, I’ll battle some N-gage online players from another country in a game of Reset Generation or ONE. I seriously love Reset. Super addictive.

Right before I go to sleep, I’ll update my podcasts subscription list to check if there are any new ones. I’ll then let my N96 to download the podcast files over wifi and off to bed I go.

What do you do with your phones everyday?

  • I like the idea of propping it and let the podcasts run.

  • I have the bad habit of checking podcasts for updates right before bed. Then I stay up and watch them… So sleepy…

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  • Mark

    One cool features I kinda knew about before but never experimented with was DLNA. The N95 8GB supports it and I assume N96 must also, if you have a PS3 you can use the N95 as a media server and stream your music/videos etc over WiFi and play through the PS3, pretty cool and was easier to setup than I thought!

  • Seaedge

    that is a good usage.
    i wonder what did i dow with my phones.. beside calling, sms, gaming and organizing.. oh yeah.. garmin-ing too when go to KL area.. lawl!