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Tankzors is a greatest mobile java-game based on the widely known NES game Battle City — now is on your mobile phone! New excellent graphics, thought over interesting and considered game play, perfect musical accompaniment! Besides, for every crushed enemy you receive coins with the help of which you can upgrade your tank and set up 35 various types of weapons in the workshop: shells, mines, dynamites, plasma, artillery, missiles, armor-plating, radars etc.

Also you can order an air bombardment or help of the allied tanks. The missions extend on the various battle area — desert, sands, enemy base and the grass. The different 40 mission levels from “kill the enemy” till “capture the flag” are waiting for you. The game is very interesting, dynamic and really carries along download it for free right now, especially, that you’ll get full access to first five mission levels absolutely for free!

Tankzors is a tactical-economical arcade-strategy-shooter:
—  based on the universally known NES hit game Battle City;
—  40 various missions (kill the enemy, defend your base, etc.);
—  35 types of various weapons (from shells to air bombing);
—  considered elements of strategy;
—  quality music accompaniment;
—  outstanding game play;
—  excellent graphics;
—  great atmosphere!

Every next mission will become harder and harder, enemies will grow stronger and smarter, enemy radars and cannons will appear making it more difficult to complete your mission. We recommend you to take advantage of hints between levels and bonuses located in the game field — they will help you to defeat your enemy.

This game is compatible with almost every phone that supports Java. Give it a try!