Will You Mary Me?

Looking back at the very first Symbian phone from Nokia, the Nokia 7650… it has quite a creative ad I must say.

It revolves around a guy who tried to get his girlfriend to marry him in a very fun way.. using MMS.

Check this video out.

Look closely… the girlfriend was using a Nokia 7210 in the video.

Do you still remember any of these 2 phones?

  • Good video, catchy tune. Isn’t MMS such a useful feature on a phone? I guess we will never see such an example from an iPhone, since they don’t do basic things such as MMS. (Nokia 1 – Apple 0) 🙂

    • smashpop

      @Mike Bowen, oh yesh! even nokia’s first smartphone from many many years ago has mms. lol

  • Sara

    Thanks for this video, I can remember both phones… It was a great time at that time, I was so young… 😀

    Nokia 7650 was a milestone!!


    • smashpop

      @Sara, oh yeah… both phones were very very famous at that time… 😀

  • Andrew Meyer

    Brilliant video.

    • smashpop

      @Andrew Meyer, agree

  • Nokia 7650!! haha my very first slide phone i used haha..that time damn yeng..lol..

    Seriously i heart the Nokia 7210 too..the legendary weird phone style LOL!