High Quality 5800 XPM Photos and Invitation

I just got a package from Nokia this morning. It’s an invitation to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic launch in KL.

Here are the details. It’s an open event so anyone who is crazy about the touchscreen device can go and have fun.

In the package there’s a pair of stripe sleeves too! Seems like all the media will be doing some stripstripe dance at the event. Haha

Oh by the way, here are some high quality shots of the 5800 XpressMusic done by DailyMobile.

  • It does provide high quality photo!

  • Woah, how to get the invitation card?

  • because im too crazy about this phone, im just bought yesterday..AP set (i think from HK??) +/-RM1700

  • Marcus

    Dude, those are some awesome pics. Thanks for sharing!

  • Peter

    Does anyone know if we can do a search on items in our calender? Without the calender search function is a real big minus!! Pocket PC has such a good search function compared with symbian.

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