Guide to Updating Firmware 'Over the Air' on N96

My aunt who is using the Nokia N96 had some difficulty updating firmware as she does not have a computer.

When she told me about it I told her that she can actually update it’s firmware over the air.

Now for those who are still updating firmware via the Nokia Software Updater, probably you can try this.

Go to menu, click on ‘Tools’.

Go to ‘Utilities’.

Then click on ‘Device Manager’.

In there, you will see the current firmware version and some extra information.

Then go to options, and click on ‘Check For Updates’.

If there is a newer firmware version for your phone model, you will be prompted to download and install it. Do so, and the phone will install and restart by itself… then you’re done!

Be sure to backup your important data first… although you may not need to so if you are using N96 cos updating firmware does not erase contents anymore.

(This OTA firmware update thing works on most new Nseries too. So give it a try if you own one.

  • You forgot to tell them my Nokia horror story. Basically, I upgraded my N96 through the desktop suite updater and it won’t start. Sent it in for repair and it’s been three weeks now and haven’t got it back. They need to change the motherboard, which is weird for a software error, but also a sign that the technician also can’t fix it so the only way to go is to give me a new phone, technically speaking. So yeah, only update through OTA please.

    • Hamil

      hey for some reason i cant update on my phone so i ant a link to download the pc install way i want the v30.003 version for my n96 to go faster

      thank you

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  • steve james

    whenever i try ota update it says none available and i am only on 11.018. cant do using pc. any advice greatly appreciated!



    please provide a guide for the surfers to have their phone be updated over the air. thanks..
    please include step by step. highly appreciated!!!^^