Nokia 5800 XPM Malaysian Price is Out!

The price(Malaysia) for the most talked about Nokia touchscreen device, the 5800 XpressMusic is finally revealed!

How much you’d ask?

It’s RM1499 and the package includes a scratch card that entitles 1000 free song downloads!

Now is that a good price or what? ahahahaha

Info provided by member GT3

Remember to come to the 5800 launch event at Pavilion 9th January 2009 at 7pm! You can also be one of the first Malaysians to own one too if you buy it at the event itself.

  • OMG?!! So cheap?? RM1499.

    Realli? Wakao. Haha

    • smashpop

      @shaoweii, when buying? 😛 1300 oso can get d

      • Andrew

        Dun mind to tell me where? tks!

  • OMG!!!.. i get it now.. Bye

  • neo_sharky

    i want it!! smashpop, is it the RRP for Zitron and Avaxx set? eager to get one soon

    • phonestylest

      how much is it in u.s. dollars

      • ArunKarthik

        @phonestylest, approximately 434 usd.

  • ArunKarthik

    1499 Malaysian ringgits = 20750 Indian rupees

    Great price! looking forward to your full review smashpop! 😉

  • OMG!!! from my AP set!!..
    I think..must buy second set la

    • smashpop

      @yonz, hahaha 1.3k oni leh now

  • Peter

    Hi guys,

    Now that the 5800 is ready for sale, does anyone know how the free headphone offer for those pre-orders work?

  • vivi

    There a bad manufactured Nokia 5800 that make to the sells. Just test everything with yours before buying.

  • Ken

    RM1499 = £282; selling it for £250. Scratch picking one up during my trip home then 😛

  • DalphinuS

    I juz got mine purchased today.
    RM1320 by Avaxx (genuine).
    Now charging it for 8hrs the 1st time.

    Location: Bukit Jambul Complex

    P/s: Can anyone locate me the installer for any s/w that can read MSOffice/PDF files?

  • Andrew

    Dear frenz/smashpop,

    I just bought N5800 today & it cost me 6,450,000 Dong (RM1355). Everythings seem to be ok! except when I log in to internet (facebook) the wordings alignment is not perfectly aligned. My question is that a normal? and what should i do now.


  • dark girl

    can you tell me where is the place to buy it at kuantan that has the low pocket is already…………….(you know it right)

  • The price in Subang areas is only RM900 to RM1000 now, for a full set of the “Nokia 5800”.
    Fake tiny-iPhones are selling around RM290.

    • john

      which part of subang you get??? i from subang too.. wanted to buy 1…

  • Liew

    Yeah..I am from Subang too..where can I get the pone for RM1k in Subang

  • Yee Yee

    May i know which part of subang ?

  • expose

    i got it at SGD98 only with SGD telco contract in IT fair. It is RM235 only!!!
    My dude helped me to buy 1!

    Ask your friend in Singapore to buy 1 if you want…
    shit to buy in Malaysia!!!