The 5800 Video Recording Test!

Let’s have a look at the 5800 video recording quality.

I personally love the ability to record 16:9 widescreen(640*360) videos and that should be the default mode for everyone. aahaha… but I have also mentioned that the video recording is quite bad when its done indoors.

Lets have a look at videos I took yesterday using the different colour modes available, Normal, Sepia and Black & White. (Videos are not edited.. only added background music and captions…. but videos might be compressed a bit)

Normal mode… highest quality

Black & white… highest quality

Sepia mode… highest quality.

Now let’s have a look at how bad the video is when taken indoors.

IT’S THAT BAD. First time i record videos as grainy as this.

So what do you think? Can the 5800 satisfy your video recording needs?

  • apart from the indoor recording…how come i notice the video is lagging especially panning…

    • smashpop

      @kenzio, really? i cant see any lag

  • Shieldi

    Well when I was taking pictures indoor I think the camera sucks. Overall Iam very disappointed about quality of the camera. But i still think Nokia 5800 is very good, i love it. 😛

    • smashpop

      @Shieldi, true dat. camera might be bad… but evrything else just make the money worth

  • EVo

    hey yo man hmm.really quite bad la d indoor quality.thanks for the review.

    • smashpop

      @EVo, np

  • yap..i also agree

    indoor picture/ vid rec. is bad

    outdoor is just ok..

    remember that..

  • jhoravi

    AFAIK the widescreen video is only 640×352 and not 640×360. That’s why i’m curious if it’s really widescreen during playback without black borders on top and bottom.

    Are your video samples original and unconverted? How can I download it?


    • smashpop

      @jhoravi, sorry theres no way cos i didnt uplaod them

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  • ArunKarthik

    the camera is good enough for a phone LOADED with so many features! i think i can live with a little bit of a flawed cam, in exchange for Excellent Everything else! 😉

    • smashpop

      @ArunKarthik, very true. im tolerating too. everything else is just great

  • meng

    hey, can 5800 do multi touch at a time? like i phone?

    • smashpop

      @meng, no. or else it would be called the iphone already

  • DalphinuS

    Huh? The phone is not capable with a stabilizer?
    The video seems shaky 😉

  • DalphinuS

    Wakao… The indoor video sadly speaking is equivalent to 0.3 megapixel recording.
    I’m speechless.

    Anyway, I’m still go for this phone anyway, for the large 3.2″ screen!

  • jhoravi

    OK so video is not so good. Please Indoor camera shots next time.


    just to share my experience, i have had and tried all nokia camera phones coz i like taking candid videos of girls. anyway the best nokia camera phone out there imo is still n82. Bought n96 2 months ago, went to nokia kiosk at bukitjambul tonite and tried 5800(check the video recording first hehe.) i was like OMG!…
    ask the salesman how much, its RM1400…
    rm1400? what the… i bought n96 5 megapixel, for RM3000 over

    imo the 5800 video recording and playback is bout the same or slightly better then n96….arghh…gonna get thisv beast in a months time. RM1400 with all features and symbian v5…go for it guys!


    the grainy is because of noise in picture.
    n96 had the same noise it was even worse than 5800 when i first bought…kinda miss my n82….then later new firmware come out for n96, now 70%-80% noise(or graininess) gone…but still cant beat the video quality of n82

  • jeff

    yeah ryt.. i bought 5800 yesterday and wen i testd indoor shot and video.. i felt so disappointed, although its a touch screen, camera functionality sucks! my 5700 is much more better.. how come it goes like this..