Nokia N97 demo videos from CES 2009

Was viewing some videos on the N97 being demonstrated at  CES 2009 recently so I thought I’d share them here so we can watch together. ahah

Check out the videos below.

This is one of the best video demo I’ve seen from CES 09 as the lady knows a lot about the N97 as well as all the technical info. Watch it and see how she explains the battery life in lots of figures. ahah.. she currently owns the E71 and N95 8gb and she claims that she loves the N97 a lot.. along with information on release date and price.

In this video we can see the phone clearly and webbrowsing, widget customizing and some other features are shown.

This one is just an ordinary demo video.. nothing special.

Lastly, the official N97 demo/commercial.