Asphalt 4 is out on N-Gage!

Calling all Asphalt fans… it’s time again for you go visit the N-gage showroom cos Asphalt 4: Elite Racing is out for you to download!

Face the world’s richest drivers in high-speed races through traffic or take on your friends in the exclusive multiplayer mode!

Some screenshots of the game:

Experience amazing 3D graphics and a unique feeling of speed. Choose from 28 licensed dream cars and bikes from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti, and zoom through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, and Beverly Hills to make your mark. Check your rides in your own garage and spend millions on fine tuning them. Take on the police in each city as they try to stop you with roadblocks and helicopters in order to seize your expensive toy. Can you become the ultimate VIP of urban racing?

Check out the gameplay video:

Click here and try Asphalt 4 Now!