Google Latitude on GMaps 3.0 for Mobile

Google has just launched it’s latest version of the Maps application for mobile with a new feature, Google Latitude. It’s a way of finding your friends along with their location and status(yes you can update your status just like Twitter) on the map.

The new feature is actually not so new as we have already seen similar services before this like Buddycloud and Nokia Friendview but this might be a more successful version because any phone that supports Google Maps can use it… so it’s not limited to Nokia phones only.

Watch the video introduction to know more on Latitude.

Here are a few screenshots I took of the new GMaps on my 5800 XPM.

The new version is now If you are planning to install this new version of GMaps, point your phone browser to

Once loaded and connected, you will get to see your own location and your status (after you have signed in to latitude in the “options” menu)

Once you are logged in, you will be prompted an option to add friends (extracted from your Gmail/GTalk contacts.)

One very important thing is privacy. We have the option to choose whether our locations are set automatically, manually or off/hide.

When you have added friends, you will get to see them in a list along with their details.

Click on “See Map” and you can see your friends on the map represented by pins with their photos on it. Clicking them will reveal their statuses, addresses and the option to get directions to them.

Go get the new Google Maps with Latitude now! (And add me as your friend too, my email is smashpop [at] )

  • Kelvin

    Still abit unstable on the 5800, i tried it and it quits unexpectedly a few times. but it’s a good app!

    • smashpop

      @Kelvin, very rarely it crashes

  • Seaedge

    ohh.. but have to get moar frens to use this. takkan u see me, i see u only.. LOL!

    • smashpop

      @Seaedge, ahahah ya man.

  • farhaan

    i have a question..i just downloaded the app. there is one section where it ask for verification code. is it vital for latitude function to work?

    thanks 🙂

    • smashpop

      @farhaan, no that is not a vitel function. but if u do it ur number will appear when ppl click on your name in latitude

      • farhaan

        @smashpop, thanks bro 🙂 by far i think this is the best gps software for symbian phones in terms of praticality and simplicity of the software. However if it has voice navigation no doubt it will beat the rest.

        Thanks again bro.

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  • Noa

    can this google map really works?
    bcuz i tried to install google map apps b4, but it says expired certificate. (so does facebook app from OVI) any way to make this works?