Mail on Ovi is now Live!

The web version of Nokia’s Mail on Ovi has been launched to public and everyone can now go and sign up for an account. Make sure you do it quick and secure an email address for yourself. Haha.

Some key features:

  • Web application for managing your email. Nokia’s aim is to create a simple and elegant web mail experience. It uses AJAX and Javascript web technologies (like GMail and other modern equivalents) to cut down on page loads and improved usability. For example, you can organise your email into folders via a simple drag and drop mechanism, and, when composing email, contacts are auto-completed based on the contents of your address book.
  • Address book for storing contacts. Currently there is no connection between Mail on Ovi and Sync on Ovi (i.e. between your live contacts and the address book of Mail on Ovi). However this is a limitation of the current beta and the two will be connected together in a later beta or for the final release.
  • Built in spam (optional) and anti-virus filters and settings for auto-reply (e.g. for when you go on holiday) and email signatures.
  • There’s a low bandwidth version of the Mail on Ovi webmail system for use when a broadband connection is not available.

A short demo video of Mail on Ovi.