Fring beta for Nokia 5800 & N97

I was surfing around the net and I found a forum in weird language and some member of the forum posted the file of the beta version of Fring for S60v5!!! Hahahaha and I quickly installed it.

It’s still in beta version and has bugs with MSN. I checked out and seems like they will be launching the final version in a few weeks time.

Check out these screen shots I just took.

Once opened, the super big Fring logo is displayed and it says BETA Version. Then we get to choose which messenger service to connect to, as seen in the screen shot above.

Once selected and connected, your contact list will be displayed in 3 categories(as usual) online, busy and away (all services will be merged into 1 list). We have the option to call, send file, chat and many more.

The individual chat screen looks like this. Tapping on the text field will bring up your chosen input method. There are 3 big buttons at the bottom too. Call, send files and send message.

Wanna try out this Fring beta for Nokia 5800? CLICK HERE

I have tried it to connect to MSN and Fring starts to close and open repeatedly… but it works fine when I only connect to GTalk and Facebook. So you might not wanna use MSN on this version of Fring for now

  • hahahahah

  • Awesome… WTH is that language???

    Thanks for the link though… I love BETA apps.

  • Seaedge

    I tried just now and the fring webbie told me they cant recognize the phone i am using.. kns~

  • chunky

    I’ve got fring installed on my 5800 … works like a charm. MSN works fine too, altho it took me a couple of attempts to connect properly (try using GPRS instead of Wifi to register successfully, well at least thats how I got it to work!) ;D

  • David Goh

    I try to download the link u display for fring on 5800 beta version, they not allow me to download (registered already), can u email this application to me, i will be very thankfull to u.

  • Lafnas

    Hello which language is that i need english pls send me that

  • pHaNToM

    it is ok..but DOES IT HAVE ALSO YAHOO ??

  • d