Fring for Nokia 5800 is officially out!


I cant believe what I saw when Fring’s twitter message popped up just now. It says “Fring for 5800 here now!”

I quickly clicked to their blog and saw the latest post about this. Clicked on the link and 5800 was in the supported device list. Hehe

From their blog:

OK boys and girls. Fingers and thumbs at the ready. It’s here… fring for the new super sexy Nokia 5800 touch screen device.

And before we go any further, a big shout out and thanks to those fringsters who were part of the early access group – your feedback has helped us create a fantastic fringing experience, tailor-made for the 5800’s touch screen capability and cool new features.

Check out the latest video they recorded introducing Fring for 5800 XpressMusic.

Go download it now at!

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