Nimbuzz is out for Nokia 5800

Nimbuzz has just launched it’s Nimbuzz client for the S60v5 platform yesterday! Basically it’s a mobile messenger/voip app that lets you chat with your friends on every major IM services like MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, Skype and more.

I’ve actually tried it on my 5800 and here are some screenshots I grabbed.

You can see here I have activated Gtalk and MSN and you can set it to sort your contacts via community. The 3 big buttons at the bottom allows you to call(if available), chat and send files to the selected contact. You can send smileys when you are in a conversation with someone. Group chat is possible too.

To send files or photo, just select the contact and press the 3rd button. You will get the option to send a new photo, or select a file. It also give you option to view the profile of the selected contact. File transfers are all separated into another tab.

One of the settings screens lets you choose which community to log in to, like MSN, Skype, Jabber, Twitter… or you can log in to all at once! Profile settings lets you choose a display photo for yourself, edit personal message, display name and status.

Check out this video of Nimbuzz on 5800!

Get Nimbuzz now for free. Click here.

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