Be among the first to own the N97

Nokia’s upcoming flagship device, the N97 is going to be launched soon… and something interesting is going to happen here on SymbianpOp in a few days time. Here’s a teaser for you.

Be sure to check out often for more details here. Some of you might just get lucky 😀

  • nm nm.. u curi curi tell me then I can win the phone. teehee…

  • I WANT !! 🙂

  • wow wow . how many ringgit? =D

  • aiya.. noneed so public la i know u gonna giv it to me.. make it under table ba… shh~

  • i WANT!!! D:

  • Hmm, contest? Advertorial? Whatever it is, new toy! 😛

  • sueling

    how much???

  • pre ordered mine already, but would not mind a black one too.

  • Ore wa Hoshi no~
    I also want! xD

  • i also want! got any contesT? lol

  • inside tips bro.. let us win it..*lol =)

  • Wan

    I want it… I beg you please… OMG!!!

  • i want i want!! =D

  • Singh

    I want one, I have a N95 but after seeing this I really want one.

  • curi bowl

    me want some sweet n97!

  • Dowan la. What?? Am I crazy??

    I wan I wan. Lol.

  • wow … i’d heard of its functionalities …and of course .. i want it too.. hehe

  • i want!!! LOL

  • Free phone? I also want it!!

  • scotty

    yea nokia yea nokia!! *dances* nokia rocks hurhur.. whats this all about?? i also wan free fon

  • hehe.. still waiting.. ^_^

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  • Im still waiting for the update with baited breath.!

  • HOW???????

  • DeamonKenji

    i want it! but i guess this thing is reserved for certain countries only.. sadly..

  • i wan also! 😛

  • chan

    how to join?

  • EVo

    This sounds pretty exciting man. Can’t wait. make sure u tweet like mad..i’ll be watching out 🙂

  • i want it ~! i will take it home hahaha

  • I WANT!!!!! let me knw how to gt my hand on it…

  • i am here for it now :X

  • I also want !!

  • ME TOO !