6 Nokia N97 To Be Won!

If you have seen the previous teaser, I’m sure you know there will be a contest coming up here on SymbianpOp.

Now here’s the second teaser for you. More info now. Are you excited?

I am very excited. 6 lucky people will get to own the Nokia N97 a lot lot lot earlier than everybody else. Be sure to keep it logged on to symbian.smashpop.net for your chance to win the upcoming Nokia flagship device! 😀

  • Can’t wait! Damn kanjiong lar!

  • I want to win can? Haha

    trying to bribe ah pop. Keke

  • OMG! i want to be 1 of the 6!

  • cant wait for it.hopefully i will win!!~

  • plz i want it! xD

  • teaser max!!…quick..quick..hehe

  • Emp

    I’ll wait till the software is stable…. Hahahaha… Typical Nokia problem when they launch phones nowadays.

    No hurries… Why so Kiasu for? 😛

    I hope and pray that the N97 has no hardware issues or major software hugs….

  • me wan you so bad… me love you long time… I mean the phone…

  • ok, will join the contest. Hoho, looking forward to it. 🙂

  • i wanna win! i wanna win!

  • remsal

    i want i want… anticipating…
    Poor student is ngam ngam in need to change my broken down hp… XD

  • I WANT MINE ! ! !

  • Why only six? lol ^@^

  • kakit

    cool, i want

  • chris

    Do we have to register?

  • I want I want!!

  • sexyback

    Baby wants one 😉

  • eeeeeeeek!! I wannn.. But howwwww? so kan chiong to wait for 4 more days lee..

  • singh

    I want one so bad, can’t wait no more for 4 more days 😛 I want one now

  • maybeedeluxe

    Oh, i’d like to win one too 🙂

  • yeh_chiam

    I wan…. I wan…. I wan…. I wan…. I wan… 4 more days… Can’t wait…

  • I love a good tease! 🙂
    Will keep my eyes peeled here! 😉

  • EVo

    More more more info! eh..hengtai got extra tips onot?

    oh yaaaaaa. i still have ur sabah souvenir! *hint hint*

  • Me me!!! I want to get the N97 !.. Looking forward to it 😀

  • I want it too..
    It is just shock when reading the adv telling six N97 to be won..

  • i wanna win! i wanna win!
    btw it is first time to visit your blog XD
    bloghoping from http://bryanlyt.com

  • saiya

    i want to win this n97 contest.. i like it..

  • Looking forward to trying to win it 🙂

  • I want I want! =)

  • tudmd

    if there was no other competition for n97, then i would have jumped ship onto this, but pre and new iphone looks pretty good. also n97 does not offer any different than 5800 infact if nokia at all care then they should add those widgets to 5800.

  • 😉 kenyit mata kat hemsem Pop.

  • DeamonKenji

    my birthday is in 3 days! so let me have it! 😛

  • ArunKarthik

    if i win this… oh my god.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brilliantcorner

    Count me in folks.

  • Felicia

    it would be great to be one of the 6 winners~^^

  • Wow!!! I want to win 1!!!!
    Grab 1 back home~~~
    gimme gimme~~~ xD

  • Huddy

    Wowwa-wow-wooo! I want that to be my first nokia HP!

  • My last hope for nokia. Plz give me one!

  • Eskimo3031

    I want the N97!!

  • wo yao wo yaooo! 😀

  • EVo

    This is my 2nd time commenting here lol!

  • the problem is ? macamana join ler ?