Are U Ready to Search For N?

Tomorrow is the day… when 6 people in Malaysia will get the chance to win a Nokia N97 each.

Be sure to come back tomorrow if you wanna be part of this.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues, tell your classmates… you might need them to support you. They deserve a chance to know about this too. Blog it… Facebook it… Twit it… Plurk it…

Here’s a video to get you excited.

So… white or black N97? Hahaha.. just a random question.

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  • remsal

    aaa??? takkan nak search for you? aih… *heartbreak now*

  • Wow, tomorrow is the day! Yay!

    I think I will go for a white N97. What about you? Your preference?

  • cant wait for tomorrow!!

  • gatal… gatal…

  • I want white!

  • ArunKarthik

    only Malaysia??? :((

  • waiting for ittt! wooohooo g r r r r

  • “Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues, tell your classmates… ”

    Why? They’re not in Malaysia and neither am I.

  • Ashwin

    ahh kinda curious fellows, how do you win this. And the other thing is.. apart from the cool camera and the nice keyboard, what makes this phone really different from the 5800 xpress. Same OS etc. Any thoughts?

  • How comes people outside of Malaysia can not win? Surely the phone could be posted from there? Your competition would be even more of a success if you included the rest of the world!

  • wooooot~
    cant wait for tomorrow xD

  • Ahhh!!! I want I want!

  • Black I want as all my stuff is already black. white easy get stained.

  • Cerenity

    Is the contest open for everyone?? He he..

  • Dam, now I only find out its Malaysia residents only.!

  • dsdf

    no i m not telling any1…****ing y the heck u saying now that it is only for malaysia..??
    also ask ur nokia bastards to release an update for states and stop selling beta 5800 to us guinea pigs as i will never ever in my life shell out even a penny for any nokia products…

  • Ouhh tested the N97 during the preview and really love it!

    I can’t wait to get one.

  • Oh dear.. N97!
    I have been longing it for so long. Stop seducing me and gimme!

  • EVo

    Tengok la…free phone..from 0 comments to 20-40 comments…m’sians ah all…only want free free free..

    I WANT TOO!! xD

  • i want ~! this phone need me ~! wahhaha

  • white is speacial i think…. but i prefer black cos… easy to take care

  • Michael

    I am ready!! i want, i want black color N97.. 🙂


  • Waiting to search…… 🙂

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