Search For N: Clue 2

Are you in the run to win one of the SIX Nokia N97?

Have you got the answer to clue #1?

Ready to find out the next one?

How Does The Search For N work?

1. First, surf on over to Beginning May 26th, each question will be released at a set schedule as below:

· Clue 1 – 26th May @ 7:00 p.m. Kuala Lumpur

· Clue 2 – 28th May @ 7:00 p.m. Kuala Lumpur

· Clue 3 – 30th May @ 7:00 p.m. Kuala Lumpur

· Clue 4 – 31st May @ 7:00 p.m. Kuala Lumpur

· Clue 5 – 2nd June @ 7:00 p.m. Kuala Lumpur

2. There will be a total of 5 questions to be answered. The 5th question will be released on June 2nd.

3. As soon as the final question is released, email all five of your answers to The first 10 all-correct entries will progress to the FINAL stage to stand a chance to win one of six Nokia N97.

4. Nokia will contact the final 10 contestants with a secret password to be used for the FINAL stage. The FINAL CLUE will be posted on 4th June 2009 on (time to be revealed to 10 finalists).

5. Solving the FINAL CLUE will reveal the the secret location of the Nokia N97 where the finalists must immediately proceed to on that day within a specified time. It’ll be an exciting race to the finish because only the FIRST 6 to arrive will receive the Nokia N97.

Will you dare to Search for N?

Clue 2: 28th May 2009

A Marvel comic. Also used for running applets on the web, computers or mobile phones. (Hint: Bridget, the midget likes to fidget with the __ .)

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  • Ganaesh

    Got it. Thanks.

  • Kamal

    For this one I think I know the answer =)

  • Blake Yap

    After i get the answer where do i key in my answer?

    • smashpop

      read the instructions

  • jacklyn

    i duno pula..

  • EVo

    i hope it stays at this level..if summore easier means got slogan

  • dammit!! what the hell is this??/!!

    wrong question izit? =P


  • ken

    well,i got the answer for 2nd clue ady. But i heard there are 2 version of ‘search for N’ goin on….is the m’sia version same as the global version?

    • smashpop

      ask yourself. where r u trying to win from?

  • Gerald

    can u pls confirm if the answer u have when put at ( ) will get a tick? because my first answer which i get a tick dont make sense to the question. very tricky!

    • smashpop

      dont worry about it. stay here if u r trying to win from here

  • I would like to know the same thing Gerald asked too. I got a tick as well, but I guessed it from a clue on other blogs that’s running the competition in other country.

    Is the answers around the globe the same or Malaysian version is really this easy?

    • smashpop

      u bet

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  • Willz93

    Guys I need help with the second clue!!! I can’t figure out what the flags (that look like the ones for countries) mean!!! I just can’t figure them out, plz help me!!! thx

  • cock smuggler

    You can find the answer on the page which is given for the 3rd clue – hint 2 (mynokiablog)- ovi