N97 Camera & Video Samples

These few weeks there have been so many news and talks about the N97 and some 97 people on earth will be the lucky ones to own it before everyone else.
The Nokia N97, touted the Nseries flagship is equipped with Carl Zeiss 5-megapixel camera that records 640×480 (and also 16:9) videos.

Below are a few samples taken using the N97 itself. Have a look at them and share with us what you think ok? (Click on the images to enlarge)

… and here’s a low light shot.

Here’s a video captured using the Nokia N97. View it.

So what do you think? Did N97 camera perform as well as you expect?

Source: TheSymbianBlog

  • Hmmm look better than I expected. N95 still gave the best colour and contrast I guess.

  • I think the pics look great, and having 16:9 video is cool!

    What’s your personal opinion?

  • Kai

    the night shot amazed me..
    maybe this is the first time i see such a quality night shot picture..

  • nice. i can feel the heat…

    BRING IT ON!!!

  • I’ve personally tested the N97 camera and found that the close-up shots were awesome!

    Even the people from Nokia were surprised. 😀

    I didn’t manage to keep any sample of the photos but it’s all on the preview phone.

  • I think the N97 is awesome but the camera/video quality seems worse than the N95. Iv owned the N95 for a couple of months now and the video and pictures iv taken look a lot better than these. But I still think this phone is awesome and worth buying.