Decipher and Uncover the N97 Now!

This post is for all 10 finalists of Search For N.

You have 2 hours to decipher the clue and rush to the secret location. (11am – 1pm)

You time starts NOW!

The final leg to the Search for N isn’t easy. It’s like searching for a pin amidst a wheat-field. But with the best tool, you can find it. Just use these three clues: what do “Hand-made, Japanese-Styled, Rustic” tell you?

Be the first to complete the search and we’ll be waiting for you on the 1st level of this secret location. First six gets the Nokia N97, so hurry!

PS: Just in case if some of you cannot figure out the clue, a hint will be added to this post at 12.15pm…. and another hint will be added to this post at 12.45pm so be sure to check out this posts at these 2 times ok. (but please… dont waste time waiting for these 2 hints cos the EARLIEST SIX to arrive from 11AM onwards will win).

  • taqiyuddin

    the loaf at the pavillion!

  • Kamal

    The Loaf – Pavilion KL .. GO GO

  • tcmean

    Google it!!

  • Kamal

    this is fuckin’ easy. thanks to google

  • Kamal

    By the way for those who have reached that place, don’t forget to ask them when is it gonna be available in Malaysia. I will appreciate that hell much. thanks!

  • Jack Lee

    Wow…. easy peasy! Go! Go! Go!

    For the six, do make a post here to share your experience!

    • Jack Lee

      Correction… for all 10, if possible, make a post here!

  • Fairuz

    Ermm..what happened here? no updates?

    If there’s no takers, I am abso-f’ing-lutely willing to take their place.

    • Fairuz

      NVM, just noticed smashpop post a pix 45 min ago with all 10 finalists..damn it, I eny all 10 of you..

      • Fairuz

        envy all 6 winners :p

  • Blake

    I would love to see photos at the time of the event…Who won, who’s there…Jason, did you took any pictures?

  • Chris

    It’s all over! Nothing more special here, goodbye this blog!