Search For N Finals! 6 Winners & 6 N97!

The Search for N competition has finally came to an end. The final round took place a few hours ago when I posted up the clue that led the 10 of the finalists to The Loaf, Pavilion.

There were only SIX Nokia N97 to be given away… so the earliest six who arrived got one each… and the last 4 to arrive at the secret location got themselves a consolation prize of a Nokia goodie bag.

Here are some photos from the event just now and also a video that took me 1 hour to edit. Do watch it til the end ok? ahaha

Contestants ran towards Loaf one by one, welcomed by David, Hazel, Jo and me.

Ashleigh, Scott and Petrina arrived a few minutes right after the clue was posted up at 11am…. so fast we were not even ready to welcome them.. ahah according to them, they were at Starbucks Pavilion waiting for the post to be up and the moment they saw it, they Googled it and found the answer. Not bad…

Petrina was the 3rd to arrive cos she was running behind Scott and Ash. Hahaha

Darry… the first person to submit his email the moment the 5th clue was made live few days ago.

Ziyan and Calvin got here together… but they were and 6th and 7th to arrive… Since Calvin was in front, Ziyan was very very upset and got kinda pissed… watch the video below to see his reaction.

Alex and Christopher were two of the unlucky ones… they arrived 8th and 9th…. Alex’s upset expression was really upsetting.. ahaha Chris was happy all the way eventhough he didnt win.. thats the spirit!

The winners were then seated, and briefed about the new Nokia N97.. ordered food.. and played with their new toys while eating.

First 3 to arrive got to pick the colour of the N97 they got…. Michael here got the white one… no options.. since he was the 4th to arrive.

The event ended with a group shot… everyone was in… winners, losers *cough*, Nokia reps, and the owner of SymbianpOp, me. lol

Check out the video below!!!

Thanks Nokia and Text100 for making this happen.

  • Beautiful phone.

    Congrats once again to the winners!..

    As for the ones that didnt get, perhaps we can wait for N100?…

    Have a good weekend everyone. 🙂

  • congrat to all cool wei the video!

  • Hmm, now who can I steal the phone from. ROFL! 😛

  • jelesss! i didnt get through, lol. 🙁

    • nebo

      Eih, you kan Victor of group 13 back in those Alpha Days.

  • Jack Lee

    Great job on the video, Jason!

  • Adrian

    Congrats to the winners! BTW, when can we expect the N97 on shelves?

  • Congraz to the winners! Do love and enjoy N97. lolz!

  • tjiN’z

    Thanks for the pendrive !!!

  • Maverick

    Poop, I want to enter, why you didn’t tell me!

  • nebo

    Well, it was better that i din’t make it to the last round as I was working today. Unless the event was nearby midvalley. Noway i can make it to pavillion in time. Haha.

  • Congratz to the top 10 🙂
    Just a 2 cents, the background music somehow cover your conversations

  • Blake

    Damn how i wish I was inside that picture…again, congrats to the winners!!

  • yeh_chiam

    SO what’s the other 4 gets? not even a phone?

    • Umm, we got a mug, pen drive and a Nokia T shirt.. heh

  • EVo

    Congrats to all winners!

    come N100 it’s my turn! xD

  • chihuahua

    Stupid contest, cronyism is too obvious

  • Jack Lee

    A mug, pendrive and a Nokia t-shirt? Thats quite lame of Nokia. They should really have done better, even if they were just consolation prizes. After all, people did have to make the effort to phyically get there as fast as they could.

  • Ha ha… got free lunch also la.. Got to try the N97 too..

    • yeh_chiam

      omg… that’s really sux… just give other phone like 5800 also ok lar… or maybe cheaper E63…