Facebook Preview on the N97

As we all know, the facebook app was recently released for the S60v5 platform and it comes pre-installed on the Nokia N97.

5800 XPM users may have to download it from the OVI store, its free!

Remember my post about trying out the facebook app on my 5800? Now here’s a preview of the app on the Nokia N97.

Check out the video below.

I personally love the facebook integration with the phone calendar. When we click on “attend event” in FB, the event will be inserted as an entry in the phone calendar. Cool!

What do you think?

  • Hi Jason, Didn’t quite like the facebook UI. But i need to qualify. I’ve been using the facebook app from iphone, and it was really neat.

    I guess the resistive screen also made facebook on the N97 tougher to use.

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  • The photo tag feature was better than Facebook in iPhone. But overall interface, I still prefer Facebook on iPhone :p

  • Chipsmore

    BTW, how do we force the FB widget to use WiFi connection instead of 3G in N97?

    • drwoo101

      Go to Menu -> Web -> Options -> Settings -> General and set the “Access point” parameter to “Ask when needed” or “Internet”

  • Hi, can you assist me,
    facebook in my n97 crash with something API script error to load or something and i uninstall facebook. i thought ovi will have installer but seem they already remove it.. do you know where i can find facebook installer for n97


  • Serenity

    Hi, I guess the UI experience it´s a bit better on iphone. But, for me that is not the most important thing. I prefer to have greater/better pics, which N97 clearly is well above iphone and post them directly on N97. Everybody is commenting my pics all the time, cause the quality is really outstanding.
    Also…, try writing on a real qwerty keyboard…much more faster the iphone.
    See ya

  • sidtrip

    the facebook app is really good but i cant upload pictures from my n97 i keep getting a script error when i try to upload… an ideas???

  • hi sidtrip, i bin having this same problem since i unboxed my n97 here’s how i managed to fix this issue.

    if you have the “facebook” widget on your home screen remove it in the option’s “edit content” then switch the handset off. after a short wait switch the handset back on and hide your widget’s go to “applications” and find facebook. log in and try to upload a new photo (not from gallery) and once youve done this add facebook back to your widget’s on the homescreen. this fixed the issue for me 🙂

    • mark r

      Had this problem and this method fixed it for me. thanks pete