Crush that N97!

Well… not to that extend, but the guys at N97Geeks have been putting the Nokia N97 under some stress tests to see how durable it is.

Can the N97 survive screen scratch?

Can the N97 survive wash test?

Or will it still be functional after a few drop tests? Check out the videos below.

Screen Scratch Test

Pocket Test

Paintwork Scratch Test

Wash Test

Drop Test

Conclusion? Nokia N97 survived it all. It is still functional after all these critical challenges. Surprisingly, the screen is unscratchable..Nice.

What do you think?


  • the phone’s waterproof?!? lol nice..

  • Randy

    This is barely stressful. The last time i saw one, they put the 5800 into a washing machine while still on, and the thing was spinning and you can still see the lights on. And still took it out and it was fine.

  • dare to do your own tests?? Hahaha.

  • Let me have at the screen. I’LL scratch it.

    They did stress tests for the iPhone and Storm screens with KNIVES and it still survived. I’d like to see the thin plastic on the N97 survive that.

  • Rony

    Hey Jason!
    I have here a question that is intriguing me:
    “If the screen is (fairly) unscrachable, why it comes with a protector film from the box (when new)?”

    BTW, Very nice looking and useful blog!

    Rony, London-UK

  • fd

    lies. i dropped my N97 and my screens gone! ok, the phone still works coz the BLANK screen vibrates on touch, but whats the point if i cant see anything.