Turns your S60 phone into an iPhone!

How many of you here hope to have the iPhone interface experience on your Symbian devices? Yes? Yes?

How many of you want the “slide to unlock” feature on your S60 phones(especially touchscreen devices like 5800, N97 n OmniaHD)?

Well, now you can, with MyPhone.

Check out my iPho… I mean.. my Nokia N97.

MyPhone only works on S60 OS and it turns your Series 60 phones interface into an ‘i’Phone UI. You can have a smart phone enhanced with TWO user interfaces! Once installed, the first thing you see is the slide to unlock screen. Trust me.. the sliding does work… haha..

The menu will present you with iPhone like icons that gives you access to various features on your phone. You can actually customize it to show 3(or 4) icons in each row in the menu.

They guys at MMMOOO have also added some customized interface and apps in the software like the call screen, RSS reader and the sketch pad.

After using it for a few days, I think MyPhone works very well and also very stable. The sliding menu animation is very smooth… (although there might not be any flicking interface yet).. and I like the fact that we can have the 4th screen all for ourselves… which mean we can fully customize each and every icons on that screen to link to any apps we want.

Check out the video below.

Interested? SymbianpOp will be giving out 5 MyPhone licenses on 26 June 2009 for 5 lucky readers… remember to check out SymbianpOp to get yourself a full version of the MyPhone app!)

  • What an experience!

  • Zack

    The ‘slide to unlock’ thing is just a waste of time for 5800xm rite? u still have to slide down the slider to unlock the screen, then only slide the iphone unlock. same to N97 as well?

  • i thought it’s a free application =(

  • Baglio

    Absolutely useless! I tried it on my Nokia 5800… If you want iPhone OS you buy an iPhone, but if you buy a Nokia, why shouldn’t you use the great Symbian S60 OS?

    • PT

      Totally agree with you…

      What’s the point of buying a Nokia to have an iPhone emulator?

      It’s like buying a PS3 to only play Xbox360 games via some kind of emulator…

      Nokia is a Nokia, not an iPhone

      But great post anyway 🙂

  • Ken Wee

    Nice apps, its pretty cool to actually have a symbian phone with iphone interface 😀 a hybrid. Nice sharing jason! keep it up

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  • Myphone! i’m using yhe trial version only =(

  • patrick

    Hey there its nice, how do I get the free license for MYPHONE? lemme know I am keen 🙂

  • The emulator looks good, but usually will cause some lag one right?

  • Ken Wee

    Well it looks really cool 😛 I am using the Trial now 😀

  • Chingchong

    Any idea where the torrent is?

    • No I am looking for it too but no luck. Does anyone have an idea where to find the torrent?

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  • nokia5800

  • dazza

    ok so where can i find the link to download my phone for the n97 and is it free?

  • melove

    you can find it on http://www.youdao.com

  • me

    MyPhone is fking bullshit

  • Rikzaah

    so where i can get it guys ?

  • me

    how to downlowd