Got new S60 phone? Data transfer frustration? SWITCH!

One of the reasons why every phone that I change to is a Symbian OS operated phone… is because of the “Switch” feature. If I’m not mistaken, Nokia added this feature to their S60 phones since the N95.

What’s Switch? Here’s a scenario.

You are using an S60 phone, say N95 or N82 or N78 or N96 or 5800…. and then you bought a new S60 phone… say… N86.. or N97… and you are frustrated cos you have no idea how to transfer all your data (contacts, SMS, MMS, media, etc) from your old phone to your new one.

Switch is your solution. It has been lying deep inside S60 phones for a while now and I see a lot of people are still unaware of this great feature.

To access Switch, go to Settings > Connectivity > Data Transfer > Phone Switch. (The location of Switch varies… if you don’t find it here, try looking under tools or utilities folder)

Switch allows you to transfer data like Contacts, Calendar entries, SMSes, MMSes, Notes, Bookmarks , Photos and Videos from one S60 phone to another. Usually the the transfer (via bluetooth) takes about 3 to 5 minutes only (depending on how much data you are transferring)

Here are 2 screenshots from the Switch menu on N97. How do you get Switch to work? Follow these simple steps:

1. Switch on bluetooth on both phones.
2. Select “send” or “transfer” on your old phone (should be the 3rd button on the Switch screen).
3. Select your new phone from the “bluetooth devices menu”.?
4. Click on “accept transfer” on your new phone and WALLAH!

It will then begin transferring and after a few minutes, your new phone will have every single data from your old phone! Try it!

What do you think of this feature?

  • I try to use that features when I bought my 5800… too bad my old phone Nokia 6630 doesn’t seem working… old phone aiks~

  • I think this feature is real good. Last time when I use Nokia not in S60 platform, all stuff has to be backup to PC first.

  • Shuvit

    Hey that N85 is strangely familiar…hmmm…

  • Gabry

    What is this theme? is N97 default theme?

    thx 🙂

  • I used this feature to transfer all my stuff from my N81 8GB to my N97… worked well, but I had to do it several times as not everything ported over on the first try.

  • Jamie

    I’ve tried using this app from my N95 8GB, to N97, it’s actually stuck on contacts and has been for last 10 minutes argh

  • mancode

    Thanks. Powerfull tips. I actually wanna buy e71. Currently i have 5800. So it’s easy to copy my datas to new phone.

  • Yanni10

    there is a problem i cant do it with 6630 and 5800!? any help????

  • This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Plese tell me, thanks

  • very good thanks

  • so good. Thank you.