5 MyPhone licenses give out!

Woot! 5 lucky readers will get a license each for the MyPhone app!

What’s MyPhone? Read my previous post about it.

Now do you want one for yourself? If yes… read on. lol (Open to all S60 users… E71, N95, N85, 5800 etc etc etc)

To get yourself 1 of the 5 licenses, send me an email NOW with the following content:

Email title/subject: I want MyPhone for my phone!

Name: ________
Where are you from: ________
Phone model: ________

What is MyPhone?

The fastest 5 to submit the email to me at smashpop [at] gmail [dot] com with the exact email format will get a license each.

  • I’ve submitted the email. Hope I can be one of the 5 lucky readers. hehe…

  • blackroti

    ahh… came late >.<

  • idan

    I want MyPhone for my phone!

    Name: idan
    Where are you from:isreal
    Phone model:nokia 5800

    pliz send to my e-mail download pliz.

  • saam

    sent mail. Hope i’m one of those five…

  • i own nokia 5800

    sent mail, hope i’ll get 1!!!

  • michel

    Nombre: Michel
    ¿De dónde eres: España
    teléfono: Nokia 5800

  • ryan flores

    Name: ryan flores
    Where are you from: Philippines
    Phone model: nokia e71

    What is MyPhone?
    the best user interface that will kill iphone

  • Name: phil
    Where are you from: Germany
    Phone model: nokia 5800

    pls send me an e-mail…pls.

  • Ozan

    Name Ozan
    Where are you from The USA
    Phone Model N97
    Whats my phone Iphone

  • Aco

    Name: Aco Dzajic
    Where are you from: Slovenia,Ljubljana
    Phone model: Nokia n97

    What is MyPhone?
    My phone is the best phone and nokia is better then iphone ;D

  • papazippo

    Name: Stefan
    Where are you from: Germany
    Phone model: Nokia N97

    What is MyPhone?

    a cellphone ^^

  • michael milad

    i hope to win my phone
    my phone is n97

  • omer

    Name : ömer
    Where are you from : Turkey
    Phone model : 5530

    Whats my phone Iphone

  • abdenour

    where are you from;algeria
    phone model:n78