Camera Battle! Nokia N97, N96 & T900 Cybershot

I have finally got the time to do photo quality comparison among these devices.

In this ‘battle’, we will be comparing the camera samples from N97, N96 (both 5mpx) and a Sony T900 Cybershot Camera (set to shoot at 5mpx).

These tests below also mimics real world usage of the phones as cameras and find out if camera lens cover(on the N97 and T900) really makes a difference in the photo taking experience.

Here we can see the 3 contenders, (clockwise) T900, N97 and N96. Since the T900 is a proper compact camera, we will set it as a benchmark and decide if the N96 or the N97 produce photos closer to the T900 quality.

The battle consists of 5 tests: Scenery, Macro, Colour Production, Indoor Flash Portrait and Backlit Portrait. All photos below are unedited. I only resized them to 1200px wide and added captions.
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Test 1: Scenery

Nokia N96 Nokia N97 T900 Cybershot

Test 2: Macro

Nokia N96 Nokia N97 T900 Cybershot

Test 3: Colour Production

Nokia N96 Nokia N97 T900 Cybershot

Test 4: Indoor Portrait with Flash

Nokia N96 Nokia N97 T900 Cybershot

Test 5: Backlit Portrait

Nokia N96 Nokia N97 T900 Cybershot

My verdict:
N96 – Lack of camera lens cover exposes the camera to handprints that can create bluriness in photos. Colour production is the worst among the three. Cannot expose dark subjects with bright background well. Quite noisy when photo taken in low light condition.
N97 – Great scenery shots. Able to bring out the colours of scenes and objects captured. Low light photos are good, but white balance might need to be fixed to produce more natural-like indoor ambiance. Noise control is very effective. Photos are more natural in daylight. Quality is very close to the T900.
T900 – Undoubtedly, produces the best photos. Very natural colours when light source is sufficient. Bad indoor shots.

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  • the N96’s camera kinda blur. No autofocus?

    • smashpop

      got .. if u read… i stated there the lens no protection..

  • wow… N97 indoor portrait with Flash memang hancur~

    • endlessz

      yeaa i agree! how come its like yellowish o_O”

      • smashpop

        i think its not bad

    • smashpop

      better than n96 lol

  • Overall, i think the T900 cybershot is the best…in most situation.

    • endlessz

      it HAS to be, it is a digital camera after all..
      it has to beat mobile phones’ camera even with the same resolution =D

  • sim

    Hie, would like to ask your opinion on DSLR camera.

    Which DSLR camera would you recommend to a beginner? I’m quite interested to own one. Any opinions?

  • mookies11

    hi, i’ve just been using my nokia n97 white version for a month, and i’ve got scratches on my lens? Smashpop, why dont you care to look at your n97 camera lens?

    Here’s some of the websites that mention about the n97 lens problem:

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  • wow!N97 can beat T900 in scenery shot?amazing..
    now n86 has coe, so how about you compare the 8mpx phone cmera?N86,C905,samsung INNOV8,etc.
    and SE Satio has come, i read about its camera is not accurate with its mpx,which is less than 12mpx..can you check this and compare with digital camera & Samsung Pixon12(also 12mpx)!