Match'em! A puzzle game for 5800 and N97 recently suggested me in a puzzle game produced by them.

It’s called Match’em, a puzzle game for S60v5 devices. It’s based on a classic tile game called “SameGame”.

Basically the gameplay is still the same, touch groups of symbols to eliminate them, but they have made it more compatible with touchscreen.

The symbols are big enough for finger tapping, so you don’t need a stylus.

As you can see, they are using symbols from card decks instead of tiles. The goal is to remove as many symbols as possible and in as large groups as possible to maximize the score. The game will save the last and the highest score.

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  • Downloaded and installed, but I find the game’s responsiveness more than a bit laggy. There’s a full 2 seconds delay before anything moves on screen.

    • Actually it’s 4 seconds 🙂 and it’s on purpose in case you want to change your mind. Just click the same icon a second time and it will remove the symbols ‘immediately’.

      • But for me the 2 second lag occurs on the second tap, not the first. Was it programmed to be this way?

        • The game is built with html and javascript and they run on the phone’s web browser engine meaning that the way the game picks up your clicks is dictated by the browser engine and that’s not something that can be changed. But still there shouldn’t be a 2 second delay after the second click. It can sure appear like that if you miss the right icon on the second click and the four second timer runs out a few seconds later. Hitting the exact same icon can be a bit tricky at least on the 5800 – I will try to modify the code so that clicking the activated group will remove it – no matter which of the icons you hit. Sorry to hear you are having problems – I haven’t heard of too many people having problems with it.

    • smashpop

      there u go.. explanation by moubail itself eheh