DeviceInfo analyses your Symbian touch devices

Moubail has brought us some widget games like Match’em and Checkers.

This time around they brought us DeviceInfo widget! (Made for Nokia 5800 XPM and N97)

It’s a free widget that basically tells us things running in our phones that we usually do not see from the phone interface.

The widget now has an updated version and it supports features as stated in the image above.

Other features include displaying

  • IMEI code
  • WLAN Mac Address
  • Phone model
  • Firmware version
  • Manufacturer
  • Product type
  • Bluetooth status
  • Vibration status
  • Autolock status
  • Autolock timeout
  • Screensaver timeout

Here are 2 screenshots I grabbed from the DeviceInfo interface I was using on my N97. Take a look at how extensive the report is. Best thing about this, the info displayed are LIVE! You can see the numbers changing and graphs animating according to the phone’s background processes.

Download DeviceInfo from Moubail now!

  • Mike

    That’s a cool app. I noticed you have 10% free ram remaining? What apps do you have running when you took the screen shot? Im about to get this phone but worried about the lack of ram

    • smashpop

      haha I had Gravity, facebook, screensnap, deviceinfo, ngage and contacts opened.

  • I own an N97. How can I get Gravity and deviceinfo on my phone? Do I need to purchase Gravity?

    • smashpop

      yes you need to purchase Gravity from