The smarter & better Youtube Mobile

Are you a regular visitor of the mobile Youtube site? If you do, you should have noticed the slight facelift and improved feature on the site starting yesterday.

According to them, more and more people are now accesing Youtube using mobile phones and they want to make sure that users get the best possible Youtube experience on the mobile browser.

Users can now sign in to their accounts (finally!!!!) and explore their subscriptions, friends activites and more.

The mobile site is now smart enough to know what phone you are using and the layout will be rendered to fit the screen. It is designed for users to access YouTube on smartphones with capable browsers; phones like the iPhone, G1, Palm Pre and Symbian.

See how nicely the mobile site fits on the N96 and also the N97 screen.

Check it out now, point your phone browsers to and you will be directed to the new mobile site.