3mpx Camera Battle! Nokia 5800 vs iPhone 3Gs

Remember our post on 5 megapixel camera battle among Nokia N96, N97 and Sony Cybershot a while ago?

This time around, we thought it might be interesting to compare the camera capabilities on iPhone 3Gs and Nokia 5800 since both of them come with a 3megapixel camera (3.2 for 5800).

In this battle we will be looking at the capabilities of both devices to capture portraits, backlit, macro, indoor and low light photos.

Now lets see how these 2 devices fair in the battle. All photos were taken using auto mode and unedited. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Test 1: Portraits

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: The 5800 produces sharp image but desaturated while the iPhone maintains the natural colour but not as sharp as the one by 5800.

Test 2: Back lit objects

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: The same thing is happening here. Sharp and desaturated photo by the 5800, but it tries to increase the exposure to bring out the shadows while the iPhone maintains the natural lighting and colour.

Test 3: Macro

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: It’s quite obvious that the macro shot by the iPhone here is better looking than the one by 5800. Probably because the 5800 tried to bring out the shadows again causing the whole image to overexpose.

Test 4: Indoor with incandescent lighting

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: I have been having this problem with Nokia cameras since the N82. When it comes to indoor lighting, the photo tends to desaturate. Other than that, everything is fine. Another vote for iPhone here.

Test 5: Low light

Nokia 5800 iPhone 3Gs

Our verdict: This was taken in a very very dark room. The LED flash on 5800 helped in illuminating the objects resulting in very clear and crisp photo while the iPhone [no flash] tried very hard to expose the objects resulting in a very noisy photo.

So there you go! the 3megapixel battle between the Nokia 5800 and iPhone 3Gs.

What do you think of the photos? Which camera do you prefer? Do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

  • k-rul

    for 5800, if u increase one level for its contrast setting, the desaturated prob can be solve, n it can produce as vivid as iphone

  • dill

    Hi there. I believe that the iPhone’s camera is a much more convenient camera to use as you don’t need to meddle with the settings as suggested by the first commenter on the 5800 to obtain a natural colored picture. I used a 5800 and I find it a hassle to change the settings to obtain a natural color when you need to take the photo right there and then. Furthermore, if nokia allow us users to save the camera settings like saving the saturation or lighting through software implementation, then it will be great.

  • I still prefer Iphone 3GS!!!

  • dill

    I prefer both! >.<

  • apazinjan

    its obviusly that 5800 has a better quality camera. You dont judge the camera by the pictures taken with automaticac settings. And its not hard to save your settings qnd then chose them depending on situation. Nokia wins this duel

  • I like the iPhone 3GS still because the camera startup is still faster than 5800, I believe.

    • Diogo

      but you can’t acess the camera from every moment just pressing a button because the lack of multi-tasking.

  • Did you upgrade your Nokia5800 firmware? The photo you took look like version2.0 result.. Latest version outcome is a lot better. = )

  • STZR

    people people both cameras are gud but like in da previous comment u cant judge which is better wen the setting is automatic nokia has much more options in the camera setting to enable the user to get a crips picture and even wen used in the dark room as observed above it make the iphone 3gs camera look like crap more thought mus b given to this matter in oreder to separte the better

  • pranav

    if u will go on price , u should buy 5800
    or if u have enough money to buy iphone 3gs ,
    u can buy it
    but there is no good phone of same price like this of 5800

  • Jarmo Palomaa

    If I would have money I would bye Nokia N900 of course, not 5800 or iPhone! Not only seriouly better camera but better everything compared to the two others. And suprisigly enough = same price as Iphone! You get the ability to choose to use touchscreen or normal QWERTY- keyboard as a bonus.