SPECIAL PREVIEW! KL Traffic App for 5800 & N97

ALERT ALERT! A damn useful app is emerging and everyone in KL, Malaysia should get it!

It might just be one of the most useful app on your phone alongside Gravity!

Thanks to the guys at Nerdattack, we will be able to check out traffic conditions in the city before we leave the office, go for parties at night or going to work.

If I’m not mistaken, the app is currently only supported on S60 v5 touch devices so if you are using a Nokia 5800, N97, 5530 or N97 mini then probably you should get it when it’s out on the OVI Store.

The widget has a very simple and straight forward interface. Once it’s launched, a list of street names will appear and with just a tap, traffic images will be displayed.

*Live images are grabbed from ITIS btw.

Check out these screenssssssss.. damn nice right? See how the arrows are toggled by just tapping the arrows icon on the top right of the screen.

According to NerdAttack, the app has been submitted to OVI Store and is awaiting approval. Wait for it yo! I’ll try to update u guys once the app is up.

  • Wondering if it needs internet connection to function?
    Or just like Garmin, use only GPS?

  • 4dr14ng

    do they have it for 3gs?haha

  • Cris

    wow! nice one! 🙂

  • wa bro this software coming for S60v3 anot? o.O so nice.. i think it uses 3G connection to update right?

  • 3G or 3.5G is definitely a must because, of the images.

  • this is a wonderful product btw! will you extend it beyond KL, like other major towns in Malaysia.

  • happyKiat

    OMG O.O
    looks too cool!!!

    waiting to be published

  • Hello guys,

    The widget is now live 🙂 Just click on the “Download from Ovi” button over at


  • rtr


  • boyz

    how to download this software????