Nokia N900 Browser & It's Impressive UI

Nokia Conversations has recently posted a video hands on with the Nokia N900 Maemo device showing off the browser performance and some tips and tricks of the user interface.

I’d say it’s quite impressive since the Mozilla browser on the device supports Flash and is very user friendly.

In the video you can see them playing FarmVille on Facebook using the N900 browser.

Viewing history pages can be activated with a swipe from outside the screen. Another wow.

Check out the video to experience it yourself.

Now do you want a Nokia N900 already? 😀

  • yes dammit!!! why are you teasing us like this? There are so many videos out there. In that time they could be packaging the phone and sending it out to the public domain.

  • Mike

    would you know roughly when the N900 will be released and around how much it will cost? Im debating whether to get this or the Satio (which is already available)

  • I want N900. Currently using N97 lol~
    Thinking about changing phone once this is out.

  • Lee

    want! but i think malaysia will not having it lo… the malaysia nokia website didn’t even show up the N900 … just X6 only…