Get a Nokia X6 32GB for only RM66 & meet Boys Like Girls!

Read reviews of the new Nokia X6? Saw photos and videos of people playing with one and wished you can own one too?


Nokia Malaysia is organizing a launch party for the Nokia X6 Comes With Music and Ovi Music Store in Malaysia!

Points to remember:

– It will be held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club Indoor Arena
– 29.1.2010 730pm til late
– There will only be 66 units up for grabs so make sure you come early come fast and grab it FASTTT!
– Be the first to be there wearing PINK or BLUE

More info belowwww.

Don’t know how a Nokia X6 look like? Here you go.

Check out my post on the new Nokia X6 or view the X6 video below.

Important notes to remember:


  • Hahaha, “Any projectile that can be thrown”

    Throw ppl can arh? lolXD

  • Dog

    Oh no, they are using a ballot system
    :(. not a 100% first come first served… sad

  • Darren

    i wan go…any people go too???

  • i hope there will be more ppl wearing pink than blue! haha!

  • kieran

    yo ‘dog’
    who told you that?

  • kieran

    and what do you mean not a 100% first come first serve basis?

  • kieran

    bring a straw and some lime seeds then 😛
    you’ll be shooting, not throwing.

  • HY

    wondering how many coupons will be given out??

  • sean

    hey must we wear pink or blue if we wanna go to the concert??or only if we wanna win the phone