Whatsapp for Nokia is Out! Chat with iPhone and Blackberry Users for Free!

Remember my post about Whatsapp Messenger a while ago?

Whatsapp Messenger which is very famous among iPhone and Blackberry users, has now expanded their service to the Symbian platform! It works like BBM on Blackberrys whereby users can chat among each other (now with people on other platforms) for free! Messages are sent using wifi/3G.

It’s an ALWAYS ON application like SMS. You don’t need to sign in to anything at all. Messages just comes like how you receive SMS.

The download link for Symbian devices is up on their site. Click to http://www.whatsapp.com/download/ and click on Nokia.

Here’s how the interface looks like.

For your information, currently Symbian users can only send text to friends. Transfer of images, audio and location is only available for iPhone and Blackberry (transfer images only).

Once installed, the app will look for other Whatsapp users from your phonebook and display them in the “favourites” list in your Whatsapp. You can then chat with them.

– If you want to chat with your friend, make sure you have their phone numbers saved in your phonebook or else they will not appear in your favourite list.
– The app does not quit/close. It stays ON forever. This means it will keep consuming data (wifi/3G) so make sure you have unlimited data package or it will cost you a bomb.

Go download WHATSAPP for Symbian now! Remember to tell your Nokia, iPhone and Blackberry friends about this app so we don’t need to SMS one another anymore!

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  • simink

    hey.. im usin N97mini..
    trying to dl whatsapp for my phone
    i now already dl it in my laptop but it said that i need another program to open the file, what program is it??
    or actually i shud directly use my phone to dl whatsapp??
    can u tell me what’s the easiest way to dl whatsapp??

    • anonn

      heyy i got n97.. i jus downloaded watsapp jus now.. i tried it on laptop too n got confused so jus went on my fone n googled it.. it downloads n instalss itself.. soo much easier..!
      the only thing im confused abwt is how to buy it n how much it is to buy for nokia users? because i heard this is only a month trial version 🙁

  • Just tried it, but it just keeps initializing and i keep having to select the internet connection. Didn’t find any setting to allow it to just connect. Also saw that it’s not a free service, which is a bit of a shame…

    • E.vanwijnen

      Same thing here:S

    • Quito Washington

      You have to go into your destinations on the N97 and make sure that your Internet default is set correctly..then you won’t get asked any more

  • mahdoo

    there some kind of error: unable to send the verification message to my number! any help i use nokia e72 with wirless connection

  • Diraf

    I installed the whatsapp and it woorks perfect on my nokia E72. Only you can’t add pictures just like by the iphone and BB. Will this be added at the new release?


    • brenx

      Heard that it is on the way…

  • atom

    Downloaded but the application keeps prompting, “Expired…This version of WhatsApp has expired.
    Please go to http://www.whatsapp.com/download and download a new version”.

    After removing the application, the same message appear after installing the new version. What should I do? I have a Nokia E71 with the latest firmware 500.21.009 02-06-2010.

    • Clarisa

      I’m experiencing the exact same thing on my E71. 🙁 Have you found a solution yet?

      • anonn

        you have to buy it!
        when u dl it its only a months trial 🙁
        not surehow much it is to buy for nokia users! im tryna find out for myself too!

  • jose moreno burke

    im a new user and i would like to know how i can add people to my favorites, i can read that i need to have that person on my dir book but even due my system dont show me on favorites, if somebody can help me or post the best way to do it

    • Daniel

      OK I had this same problem on my Samsung 8910HD, to fix this you have to add the country code to your contact’s number.. make sure you have the plus sign too (+).. So it would look something like this..
      original number: 1234567890
      whatsapp number: +571234567890

      (+57 is the country code for Colombia, where Im from =p)
      Hope this helped..

    • Ravi

      1. You must add your friend’s numbers in your phonebook in international number.
      2. Your friends must install whatsapp on their phone.
      3. Options> Refresh favorites. Your whatsapp will scan your phonebook for new whatsapp contact.

  • Kim

    Hey guys,

    The program seems to work on my E72, but I’m not sure the messages i send are received. I only get one green checkmark if you know what I mean. Does anyone know what causes this?

    gr. Kim

    • anonn

      1 green tick means that uve sent it..
      2 green ticks are needed to mean that its actualy sent to the person as in received by their fone!
      1 tick wuld mean that uve sent it bt maybe they dont have watsapp nemre lyk it expired!

  • don

    @jose moreno burke

    as i understand it your friend has to be in your phone book or contacts on the phone and their number has to be stored with the international dialing code and then you go back to whatsapp and then click on refresh friendz 🙂

  • phum

    Whatsapp working fine via Wi Fi but can’t be connected via EDGE/3G/GPRS, i’m using nokia E71.
    did somebody can help me?i really appriciated it,thx..=)

    • Ravi

      Set your network mode to GSM. It works fine in my E71.

      • Ashwathi

        Setting it to GSM mode helps to correct the initializing issue as well ?

        • Daniela

          whatsapp doesn’t work on my omnia hd i8910, also setting gsm mode. 🙁

      • Maha

        I have a E71 i downloaded the applicating and it just stops after sending a verification sms and wouldnt connect… what can i do

    • Panu

      How did you manage to force to WiFi?

  • joe

    can we send pictures and sound from nokia to iphone or blackberry ?


    • don

      ive got the same problem, dies anybody knw??

    • Henk

      No, you can’t

  • noha

    Please anyone help me how could I buy whatsapp for nokia e72?

  • hiren

    does it work if we unlimited internet plan without 3G network?

    • Panu

      It works with 2G connection also. I wasn’t able to force to WiFi.

  • If i add someone’s number in my iphone favourite phone book to whatsapp, will they know my number if they are using black berry whatsapp ??!!

  • James

    Does any knowif’Whatsapp’ will operateon Nokia E50?
    Thanks x

  • karlijn

    het is handig

  • eliane

    i have a nokia e72 and i installed whatsapp several times than uninstall it. Now that i installed it again, it says ” initializing failed. Please retry” what should i do?

    • Ruma

      got the same problem here, can’t initialize it.. have you found out how to?

  • Panu


    Yesterday I installed Whatsapp on N95 and E97 Mini, I had the initializing problem in the afternoon. But, in the evening I “initialized” again and within second the initialization was successful. Maybe the Whatsupp server was busy in the afternoon (CET+1).

    I don’t like that I cannot force Whatsapp to use WiFi connection….

  • dan

    >The app does not quit/close. It stays >ON forever. This means it will keep >consuming data (wifi/3G) so make sure >you have unlimited data package or it >will cost you a bomb.

    one of the major downturns of whatsapp!!
    i want to stay offline in meetings and work! are u guys sure this is such a smart idea?

  • el mejor

  • Alex

    Hello, IS it true that whatsapp uses the Internet data plan? Which means that if i’m a prepaid user it will cost me a boooom? 🙁

    • jess

      get an unlimited internet connection, it won’t be so bad then.

  • fatma

    i want whatapp

  • jess

    i have a nokia 5233, i have downloaded both the versions and tried installing, but once it’s registered my number and initializes it says failed. i re-tried dozens of times, but in vain. HELP! 🙁

  • Coleague of mine told me about this app. He has a Blackberry.

    Downloaded it, installed it, goes well.
    Up to the point it wants to register my telephone number. My nokia N97 keeps hanging on ‘Sending SMS to for verification.

    Someone got any idea how to fix this?

    And yes, of couse I’ve checked if my phone can send and receive SMS and other data. That all works fine, but the sms Whatsapp is supposed to send just times out.

    • Maria

      I have the same problem. It’s sending the sms for ever!!!!!! and you never get register!!!!! If you know what to do, please reply!! Thanx!

      • denise

        heyyyy ive the sameeeee prbbb…. its doin the verificationf oreverrrr…. what can i do

        • Maha

          me tooo i have the same issue!

  • Jermaine

    can you add peoples bbm pins to this app?

  • Barraya

    I have a problem with my Nokia N900, i can download the file, but i cant open and instal the program. does anyone know that whatsapp is compatible with N900? please reply!

    • DearestAngel22

      I’m having the same problem with my 5800 … Every time I try to install … It gives me File Corrupt! Have you found any solution or not yet!?

  • 53N

    this app works well with my nokia e72…love it!

  • N6210

    iv got a nokia 6210 naivigator & have got whatsapp, i can send and receive msgs on whats app but not i cant send normal msgs. the network wont allow me to send normal msgs. i get normal sms’s but cant send them. must i delete whatsapp? dont no what to do? HELP?

  • si es cierto q funciona y muy bien tengo una sobrina q chatea desd su bb y yo tambien lo hago. pilas q solo hay q saber instalarlo. es como recomendo el chico d arriba d la lista d tus amigos lo codificas con el codina d tu pais y listo le das a descargar y agregar amigo

  • Jolene

    Hi is it possible to ONLY use WIFI? I downloaded it on my E72 and it works great but I do not have data plan. Is there any way to disable it from connecting to 3G?

    • brenx

      It stays ON forever :(…
      You can adjust the settings of preferred data to “WIFI” but if wireless is not available at any one time, it switches to 3G immediately…
      I have uninstall “whatsapp” within 30 mins.. HAHAHA…

  • tasu323

    What do u mean by “it will cost you a bomb” is it not a free instant messaging programme for nokia’s aswell?

  • febzz88

    @ Jolene: Yes, it’s possible to use WiFi only.

    I installed it yesterday and it was working perfectly fine via WiFi.

    The app also worked perfectly over the 3G and 3.5G connections yesterday.

    The only thing that bothers me is that my Phone WiFi always stays on. I can’t switch if off anymore. I believe this is due to the “always on” nature of the app. It drains my battery quite fast if the WiFi stays on forever.

    I tried uninstalling it, but still, the WiFi still stayed on afterwards.

    I haven’t found any solutions to this yet.

    • Manjunath

      Same prob here… Now my app manager is not showing me any apps for uninstalling.

  • yoo

    i’m install whatsapp program finish but not verify my phone number.how can i do?

  • Anais

    I have a question. I see contacts on Whatsapp list. Does this mean they all have me on their phonelist as well? Or can i also see people who doesn’t even saved my number on their phone?

  • DearestAngel22

    Whenever I try to download this application on my 5800 xpress music, I get FILE CORRUPT!

  • abdule

    I have nokia E66 i got problem with forwarding message to ather frind and editing.
    can get help me

  • israa

    can anyone explains how Whatssapp connect over the data plan ?

  • vaibhav

    Please tell me is internet connection reqd to use wats app in nokia…and if yes is there some special connec. or nrmal GPRS

  • sweta

    I dont understand. i have prepaid idea. i dont have any plan activated for gprs. my fone is x6. now m using whatsapp..wil it cost me at one go?? til now no balance has been deducted

  • israa

    I also can use it with Credit Zero on my mobile !!! how come !

  • Derya

    I installed whatsapp, but i want to know if we also can block annoying people like on the iPhone.. ??

    And it’s really irritating me that you cannot switch yourself to offline…..

  • sagarika

    i have a nokia E5, whatsapp connects to my wifi connection. but it dsnt conncet to my wap connection … pls help.

    • Daniela

      same problem!:-(

  • mouhamad

    we need a way to be able to copy and past inside this application and to send and receive pictures,songs&videos.
    Thank you

  • afzal

    I have a 5800 !
    And I want the 5th version of Whatsapp !

    Can u please gimme the link or tell where can I find it ?

  • manisha

    hi i am using n82 and i can connect to whatsapp through wifi but it does not conenct through gprs- though it keeps trying to conenct and use up my battery

  • I have installed the whatsapp on my Nokia n97. i used the app for 2 days without problems. No i cant force it to connect with 2g or 3g. my internet is working. If i choose to refresh contacts than it connects but after that the connection is lost. I cant ping no one because of the network connection

  • mariam

    pls i have a nokia E5, can i use whatsapp on it?

    • brenx

      not sure if E5 has Nokia S60 3rd or 5th edition or is it Symbian^3 Smartphone?

      You can go to this link and see the list of phone models stated: http://www.whatsapp.com/nokia/

  • how do you connect to whatsapp using your home wifi connection?
    It works fine on my 3G but I would like it to connect to my home wifi while I’m home. I’m on a nokia E71.

  • listo

  • Y_Man

    Just installed WhatsApp on my E71 – It was great for the first two days, but now i can’t turn the Wifi searching off. This always on feature of the App sucks! Does anyone know if this will be remedied for wifi-only users, or should I uninstall this?. It rapidly drains my battery.

  • can i im blackberry ussers

  • asif

    i have samsung i450…..it support whatsapp

    i have download also..its got installed but i cannot open. when i click on open its takes 5seconds and but it does not open … any solution to this issuse

  • bruno

    i want it

  • y does it take that lng 2 dwn load

  • hi

    hi i have e72 i already instaled the program but when i oprn it he ask me the country number and the number without the country number and when i enter it he ask me again plz someone can to help me :S thanks you

  • how to delete

    Anyone know how to delete the chat history? Don’t seem to have a function to do so. Thanks.

    • Mei

      Depends on what type of phone u have. Mine can delete chat. Can select from option>delete chat

  • Talaradi

    I installed it for E71 but it’s keep sending SMS for verification!!!
    Any one can help me please ?

  • Jeff

    Sucky program for nokia.. cannot off the always on connection.. no stars at all for this program.. not recommended..

  • Jay

    I have e72 i want to stop downloading images automatically. How can i do it?