Nokia N8 preview session tonight. Post your questions here!

OK So we have heard a lot about Nokia’s upcoming super smartphone N8, the first device to be powered by Symbian^3 OS.

We have also seen what the 12megapixel camera can do and the 720p HD video recording on the N8.

SymbianpOp will be at the Nokia N8 Preview Session tonight held in Kuala Lumpur and here’s your chance to clear your doubts and curiosity!

If you have any questions about the N8 at all, please feel free to leave it here in the COMMENTS section or send us an email at smashpop[at]gmail[dot]com and we will try our best to raise it at the session tonight.

  • Nokia user

    Hi. Will all the colours be available at launch? Or do we have to wait for the “interesting colours” to be available on a later date?

    • smashpop

      At launch, only black silver and green is available. Other ‘interesting’ colours will only come later.

  • Far

    The price of the phone and official launching date?

    • smashpop

      Price not known yet

  • Khairee

    will this be the last Symbian3 phone? Since Symbian4 is coming out.

    is this the phone that nokia will use to fight with iphone?

    • smashpop

      Not commented.

  • Now we’ve got too many phones in the market now and of course, iPhone has been phenomenal and blackberry has its own market. Android is gaining a lotta momentum.

    I’ve been a Nokia user all my life (13yrs) until iPhone’s greatness bowled me over and nowadays i just dont look at anything else bcos i’d think ‘why bother?’

    So…is the N8 good enough to attract once upon a Nokia fan like me?


    We’ll see i guess…

    • smashpop

      ahah after trying.. I think it actually has the potential to win back some fans.

  • jy

    izit upgradeable to Symbian^4 when it is released?

    • smashpop

      Not commented. Probably not known until S^4 is launched.

  • KK

    Is there an internet radio app that will play all audio streams like or wunder radio or will we be duped again like S60V5.

    • smashpop

      Currently there’s no such built in app. But im sure soon enough there will be apps in the Ovi Store.

      • KK

        I hate to say this but there is nothing to make me want to buy this phone. Apps apps apps is why you buy smart phones. Ovi is full of junk. At least apple have wunder radio and stations have created their own apps. Real player on the nokia 5800 cant play in background, prob will be same on n8. No radio app. Why would any existing nokia owner upgrade to this. Camera looks good but a 5mp will do same job. A serious photo taker uses a proper camera not a phone.

  • Tapio

    There has been a lot of doubt presented in N8 reviews regarding the 256 MB RAM – whether it will be sufficient or not. What is the reasoning behing having 256 instead 512 MB RAM like in most of the competitors phones?

    • smashpop

      According to them, the ram is actually sufficient as its a dedicated ram and not shared. It has its own graphics acelerator.

  • How about the vid recording…can N8 do the continuos focus like SE Vivaz did???

    • smashpop

      No there’s no autofocus. Eveerything will be clear as long as its 2m away from the phone onwards.