Nokia E7 preview. Post your questions here!

There will be a preview session of the upcoming Nokia E7 tonight happening in Kuala Lumpur and we will be there to have a closer look at the device, play around with it and get some questions answered!

The E7 is the only Nokia device to date which spots a 4″ ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen and QWERTY. Top notch device I’d say.

For the business minded people, the E7 will keep you up to date with real-time work and personal emails.
It also comes with free maps and navigation for life!

Capture everything you see with the 8 MP camera and HD video recording. The E7 also is fully integrated with your social networks.

So if you have any questions on the availability, the features, the price or anything at all regarding the device, please leave a comment or email us at smashpop [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Malay

    Only 1 Question..
    if calls, mails, Social network, browsing are used normally.. does dat battery last for even a day?..

  • Two questions if that’s ok?
    When can we get the E7 in the UK
    Will Silver be exclusive to a particular carrier?