“Run Like Hell” Review

Here’s a fun game I stumbled upon while surfing the Apple Appstore.

It’s called “Run Like hell” and as the name suggests, you play as an explorer who gets chased in an island by a bunch of hungry cannibals cos apparently this explorer stole their artifacts.

The game is FREE and this version gives you ‘endless’ running mode with 2 unlocked locations: beach and jungle. The objective of the game is to control the explorer to run, jump and slide through various obstacles and try not to get caught.

Even with ‘easy’ mode on, it’s not as simple as you think cos the obstacles might cause you to fall and slow down your progress. You do get bonuses like dashing powerups and ‘zapping’ powers to zap away your pursuers but most of the time they will only help u a little bit.

Never slow down, never get caught or you will be their next meal. Haha. It’s Gamecenter enabled so you can compete with your friends to see who can run the furthest. Quite an addictive game I’d say.

Here’s a trailer preview by Appspy.

Run Like Hell, FREE