Instagram Tips for You You & You

So you’ve heard about Instagram and you see your friends using it so you went and downloaded the app. If you ever feel lost in the app or figures there are somethings you don’t get while exploring the app, here’s an app for you. It’s called “Instagram Tips”.

As Nick Bilton from Gizmodo mentioned, “The genius of Instagram is that it’s really three apps in one: a camera app with swizzy filters, like Hipstamatic; a social network for sharing photos; and an insanely quick way to push photos to every other social network you use instantly and selectively, like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Instagram nails the most fundamental thing about all of these tinted, faded, scratched, washed out, oversaturated, antiqued and otherwise digitally abused photos: We want to share them.”

According to the app discription on the AppStore:

Unofficial tips & tricks for Instagram

Get the most out of Instagram, one of the top-rated photo sharing apps, with these tips and tricks.

A couple highlights:
* How to apply multiple filters to photos
* How to save high-resolution unfiltered photos

New in version 1.0.3:
* Expanded “Getting Started” tips!

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